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MONSTER Clarity Mobile BT WHITE Słuchawki douszne bluetooth


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Dostępność : Ostatnie sztuki
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    • Standard earbuds offer lackluster sound with uncomfortable hard plastic construction. Trash those generic models and step up to Monster’s thoughtfully designed, incredible-sounding ClarityHD high-performance earbuds for an affordable, exceptionally comfortable and sonically superior high-definition audio experience. You deserve this.
    • Better Build
    • Trust your ears to the renowned craftsmanship of Monster. Reinforced at critical stress points, ClarityHD high-performance earbuds won't fall apart like other generic models.
    • Better Comfort
    • ClarityHD is ergonomically designed with your comfort in mind. Multiple ear tips ensure the best possible fit for any set of ears, and they won't fall out of your ears like other earbuds. Say goodbye to uncomfortable, hard plastic crappy earbuds forever.
    • Better Sound
    • Bring your music to life with premium sound at an incredible value. You simply won't get sound this amazing from generic earbuds. You have to hear it to believe it.
    • Better Wireless
    • Monster's innovative battery design means more than 5+ hours of wireless audio, with sound quality that's as good as wired.
    • Better Isolation & Clearer Calls
    • Superior noise isolation lets you focus on the music. Combined with a high-intelligibility in-line microphone, you can take and make crystal-clear calls and control music from any smartphone or tablet.
    • Advanced construction with reinforcement at critical stress points
    • Ergonomically designed, with multiple ear tips for a better fit
    • Won't fall out of your ears like other earbuds
    • Premium wireless Bluetooth sound quality at an incredible value
    • Superior noise isolation
    • In-line mic for clearer phone calls and music control
    • Extremely lightweight
    • Innovative battery design for 5+ hours of listening


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MONSTER Clarity Mobile BT WHITE Słuchawki douszne bluetooth

MONSTER Clarity Mobile BT WHITE Słuchawki douszne bluetooth